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Junior Academy - Winter Clinics

We will be hosting several activities during the Winter and Spring 
at no cost to you, providing an environment where the players will be trained by professional coaches who not only know how to teach the game of soccer, but more importantly, they will develop activities that will make the entire experience fun, with age-appropriate games.

Our program is designed to teach players soccer skills, teamwork and sportsmanship in an environment where participation and fun are the focus, not competition.

The philosophy of our program is to ensure that all youth have the opportunity to learn the game of soccer. The program provides a low-cost, safe and structured soccer experience for all area youth and can serve as a starting point before moving to more competitive programs.

Our 2022 Winter and Spring Clinics have ended.

Stay tuned for our next clinic date announcement!


MRM Rec - Overview

Maryland Rush Montgomery Soccer Club (MRM, MSYSA Club #1061), a 501(c)(3) organization, formerly known as Seneca Soccer Association (SSA), is an elite soccer club based in Montgomery County Maryland.  We sponsor boys and girls youth soccer teams in the top travel leagues in the country. These are primarily the National Premier League (NPL)/Eastern Development Program (EDP), National Capital Soccer League (NCSL), National League, Region 1/Colonial League, Super Y (summer league), SAM Soccer, BBSL, and OBSL. 

MRM Rec Program is primarily a volunteer-led organization with parent volunteers serving in leadership and coaching roles. MRM also employs a highly-qualified professional coaching staff that oversees the soccer development program, including managing the soccer curriculum and training volunteer coaches as well as coaching MRM players directly in skills development clinics and player development academy programs.


Mission Statement

Maryland Rush Montgomery (MRM) is committed to providing an unparalleled soccer experience for all players who have interest in the game of soccer. MRM promotes the development of character, the electricity of competition and the importance of pure enjoyment. We accept the responsibility of teaching life lessons to our athletes to further their growth on and off the field. We believe that all players should be afforded an equal opportunity to explore their potential and compete in challenging environments that yields positive outcomes. We are committed to making soccer a pleasant, safe, and rewarding experience for everyone. Through quality professional coaching, sound leadership and absolute sincerity, Maryland Rush Montgomery works to be the best soccer club in Mid-Atlantic region.

In addition to the club-wide Mission Statement above, we know that at the younger age groups we have greater responsibilities.

To develop the person through sport

We strive to build character by creating a fun, nurturing, learning environment, and developing a love of soccer.   We pride ourselves in building tomorrow’s leaders.

Coaching Philosophy

MRM Development Overview

MRM K-2nd Grade Overview

We want every child to:

  • be physically active and have fun playing the game of soccer.
  • develop a comfort level with the ball at his/her feet.
  • be allowed to make decisions with minimal instruction during the game segment.
  • learn basic positional sense (covering space).


  • Stopping and Starting
  • Changing direction at different angles
  • Using both feet
  • Pulling the ball back with the sole of the foot
  • Cutting and turning with the ball

Kindergarten Format

  • 30 minute coach-mentoring clinic (parent-coaches and site director) professional coaching demo of activities
  • Practice plan and feedback provided weekly
  • 45 minutes of Activities (Team A= Field A)
  • Balanced teams (mix of players)

Kindergarten Rules

  • Kick in’s or dribble in’s (no throw in’s)
  • Scoring team drops to their own half of field after a goal is scored
  • No Corner Kick’s- ball over the end-line is always re-entered by the defensive team
  • Keep It Competitive Kids (KICK)
  • Add additional player
  • Match up players
  • No Scores are kept!
  • No Standings are kept!

1st and 2nd Grade Program Overview

  • 30 minute coach-mentoring clinic (parent-coaches and site director)
  • professional coaching demo of activities
  • Practice plan and feedback provided weekly
  • 45 minutes of activities (Team A= Field A)
  • 40 minute game segment (20 minute halves)
  • Dual field approach
  • Balanced teams (mix of schools)

1st Grade Game Format

Why 3v3 to 4 Goals?

  • The 3v3 to 4 goals format is one of the best exercises for players to learn to “read the game” and make decisions without coaches telling them what to do. This is consistent with the MRM approach that the game is the greatest teacher.
  • In 3v3 the defense cannot defend both goals equally. This should, in time, teach the players to recognize the 2v1 situation and which goal is the best one to attack. This is why we prefer to play 3v3 over 4v4.

2nd Grade Format

Why 5v5?

  • To ease the transition to the 7v7 game format mandated by US Soccer for the fall of 2016
  • To encourage more spacing (width and depth) on the field by asking all teams to follow a 1-3-1 system of play

1st and 2nd grade basic rule

  • All restarts are done with a dribble in or a kick in.
  • After a goal is scored, ask the scoring team to return to their half of the field.
  • When the ball goes out over the end-line, the ball is re-entered from the restart line.
  • Coaches should police (ref) the game to ensure that it is safe, but it is best if they remain 2 to 3 yards from the sideline. No need to run up and down the field with the players.

The Rush Way


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